July Club Meeting - Round Robin Beer Judging

07/26/2011 - 7:00pm
Who has to do what

Join us for our July meeting, Tuesday the 26th at 7pm. (RSVP on Facebook)


As you know, July’s meeting does not have a guest speaker and thanks to the encouragement of Eric and Cori, I would like to suggest a round robin style beer judging! If you’re interested in bringing a beer, please sign up here and let us know how many beers you’d like to include. The only limitation is time and number of judges.

If you’d like to participate:

Please supply 2 bombers of any beer you’d like judged. We will supply brown paper bags to label them with numbers (this will keep the brewer anonymous and the review less biased). We will supply sheets for reviewers (we’ll be using the traditional judging sheets as recommended by Eric).

Who’s Judging?

EVERYONE! Ideally tables will contain newbies and aficionados who will work together and discuss. This is a learning experience not just for the brewer but for those of us who have never judged.


Beer reviews will take 15-20 minutes. This includes filling out the sheets and chatting. When completed, the brewer can claim their reviews and chat about their process, ingredients, and gather suggestions from there. There will be a few additional rounds per table depending on total number of submissions.

Note – if you have suggestions to help make this work better, please speak now! This is a new and fun idea but we want it to be something everyone enjoys and finds useful.
~ Lindsey Wolman

We meet at the Masonic Lodge in Boulder. New members are always welcome! The west doors will be open.

In-club judging of Meads for the AHA club only competition. Don't forget the Mead Brew-In, August 6th at Deborah's Casa!

Bring your auction items or ideas - August is our Club Auction :-)

Mead is the Style of the Month!