About Us

Colorado's Oldest Homebrew Club!

Est. March 30, 1989 by none other than Charlie Papazian, author of the now renowned Joy of Homebrewing. Our meetings are social, casual and revolve around the the love of craft beer. Everyone is welcome, from those just starting up the hobby of homebrewing to professional brewers, many of which started out as homebrewers.  If you are looking to check us out for the first time, fear not! We will provide food with our potluck style dinner and plenty of beer to drink! You are welcome to bring a bottle of your own brew to share, but it is not neccessary.

For the competitive type, running since the inception of the club, we have hosted the Hop Barley & the Alers annual homebrew competition known as the Reggale & Dredhop. This is a nationally renowned AHA and BJCP sanctioned competition that sees entries from accross the US. This competition is open to all BJCP styles. For those who are able to win 1st in their category, it will automatically qualify you for the Masters Championship of Amateur Brewing (MCAB) competition held annually for all qualified competitions and brewers.

We also have a yearly summer campout picnic which hosts the "Iron Brewer" competition. A club only competition in the style of the popular "Iron Chef" show. A secret ingredient is revelead prior to the picnic and those interested in taking on the challenge can brew a beer with that ingredient and have it judged amongst other club member beers. Do you have what it takes to become the clubs next Iron Brewer?

We hope to see you at our next meeting!

If you like our club and would like to continue participation in all our events, all we ask is a yearly membership dues of $35.00 for single, or $45.00 per couple. This helps provide us with the fund to have a meeting place, put on the Dredhop, provide food during meetings, and throw our annual camp picnic. Thanks for checking us out and see you soon!